The Most Essential Elements For Survival In A SHTF Scenario

If you are just getting started with prepping and don't know where to start, then you have come to a good place. I have compiled a list of products that you will find very helpful to have around in the event of a crisis.

It is important that once you have your list of items established that you don't just acquire the products but that you also learn how to use them by practicing their use when you can.

But before we go into the list, I want to cover the most important thing that you will need in a survival situation.

Mental Preparedness and Proper Thinking

You could have all of the most superior products and tools at your disposal but if you don't have the mental capacity to handle a chaotic nightmarish scenario, then it won't make a difference.

Your resolve to survive and maintain serenity will be your most powerful resource in executing the necessary tasks to accomplish your survival. So keep on building your stockpile for the future and practicing the use of your tools so that when the time comes, your application will be almost instinctual in the event.

There are some good books on psych when it comes to extremely intense scenarios and one that I would recommend is called ¨On Combat¨ by Dave Grossman. The book goes in-depth on the human experience of combat and extreme stress that may be helpful to have knowledge in before a shtf scenario.

Water Storage, Filtration, and Resources

Water is at the top because it is essential to life and even though everyone gets wrapped up in food, you will die much quicker without water than you will with food.

It is very important to have a water reserve or water storage of some kind and I will explain. For those that are connected to city water, that will no longer be available in major grid-down scenarios. And for those on wells, I am sure that you are aware that when the power goes out at your house, your water stops coming as well.

This is why it is vital to have some water storage set aside so that in case of some of these scenarios you will at least have something to keep you going until you move towards some other remedies.

Water Resources

Once you have your water storage taken care of, you will have time to be able to tap into your available resources. Do you have a nearby creek or pond? These can be sources to be taken advantage of for replenishing your water supply without power.

Water Filtration Devices

Now having access to some nearby water resources won't do you any good if you don't have a way to filter the water. Add multiple variations of water filters to your preparedness stash. We have a Big Berkey Water Filter which does an amazing job at filtering almost everything besides the minerals out of the water.

With a filtration device as powerful as the Big Berkey, we can filter almost any kind of water which gives us confidence for a shtf scenario.

Materials For Starting Fire

Fire is essential for cooking, warmth, and heating water and therefore it has landed its place near the top of the list.

Some good fire starting supplies to add to your inventory:

• Ferro Rod
• Lighters
• Matches (waterproof)
• Char Cloth
• Black Beard
• Magnifying glass

First Aid and Medical Supplies

You will need to keep well-stocked first aid kits around for a meltdown scenario and also the essential medical supplies for common issues such as stomach issues and pain. I would keep on hand at least a year's worth and more if your budget allows for it.

Also, it would be a good idea to get a book on wild medicinals as you may be able to harvest medicinals from your property. This also gives you a renewable supply of medicinals that you do not need to go to the store to replenish. ¨The Lost Ways 2¨ is a good book on natural medicinals and other survival skills that you can keep in your library.

A Good Everyday Carry Knife

A high-quality knife is essential for your preparedness as there are so many common uses for a knife and also some unconventional ways to use your knife. Not only can it be used as a tool but it also may be used in an emergency as a self-defense weapon.

When searching for the perfect everyday carry pocket knife, look for something that will work into your budget and fit the specific needs of your common tasks. Combining the skills that you practice and use with your carry knife will be elemental in your survival.

Here is a link to the knife that I carry regularly. Not only is it a great knife that suits my everyday tasks but it is also small and affordable. Making it the perfect knife for me on the regular.

I would also include with your knife a good multi-tool or leatherman as there are many functions that you can use that one tool for and it certainly comes in handy to have on your person.


Paracord is an essential item to have stockpiled as it is useful in so many different circumstances. Some tasks that you can use paracord in are: building shelters, fishing, trapping, and also in the creation of homemade tools. Of course, there are also unlimited other uses for paracord including securement.

Weapons To Protect Your Family and Resources

It does no good to have all of the right supplies and food on hand if you are not able to defend it from criminals and looters that will be roaming around during a shtf scenario. In many disaster scenarios, it will be a very dangerous time and there will be no police to call when you are being threatened.

The best remedy for this is having your own weapons ready to defend your family and stash. Choose a weapon that you are very well familiar with and that you see will suit your needs the best. Once you have acquired your weapons it is best to routinely practice the use of that weapon and become very familiar with it.

It is not only good to have your physical weapons ready but also to learn some basic self-defense as well. You never know if you may be in a situation where your weapon is not readily available or taken from you. You will certainly need to know self-defense to save your life and those of your family in a scenario like this.

Therefore, if you are not familiar with self-defense, you may consider taking self-defense classes to become competent.

Paperback Survival Materials

It would be good to have paperback survival materials on hand. This means real books, articles, and manuals and this is in case of an EMP or Solar Flare. In either one of those cases, most electronic devices will be destroyed, so if you are carrying ebooks they will no longer be available when you need them the most.

Also, it's nice to have the materials on hand because unless you are an expert, having these materials to reference will be of great help.

Bug Out Bag

There may be a point in time where it is too dangerous to stay in your home anymore and you may have to bug out. It is important that you are prepared for that potential point in time and have a bug-out bag ready to go at a moment's notice.

The following is a list of items recommended for your bug-out bag:

• Water (also lifestraw)
• Firestarter (lighter or matches)
• Duct tape
• Space blanket
• Survival knife
• Food
• Medical first aid kit
• Leatherman of multi-tool
• Headlamp and Flashlight
• Compass
• Hygiene Kit


While this list of essentials isn't every single essential item that you should have when SHFT, it should help you get started and at least be able to survive in the case that everything went really really bad.

I always tell people that I would rather be ready at the time of an event rather than kicking myself for knowing something could happen and not doing anything about it.

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