The Coming Food Shortages And How You Can Prepare

Around the world we are seeing drought and natural disasters that are reaping Certhavoc on our world food supplies. Looking at everything that is going on, we need to make the proper assessments of the situation and prepare for our families accordingly to avoid the possible looming chaos and starvation.

We begin to ask ourselves if we are liable to having massive food shortages. There are a myriad of problems causing us to think that food shortages are on the horizon. Right now we are looking at drought, labor shortages, failing farms, flooding and severe weather. All of these issues culminate to spell out coming food shortages in the near future.

Although there may be little that we can do at the individual level to fix these world issues, there is definitely a lot that you can do right now to prepare your family for this and allow your family the chance to survive.

We Have Identified An Almost Certain Food Crisis

Through our research at FCP we have come to the conclusion that we have a pending food crisis on our hands. Now we need to come up with a way to be prepared for this food crisis and lessen the effect that it will have on our family.

Preparing For Food Shortages

It is vital not only to have your own long term food storage supply established, but also to have your own method to produce your own food supply that is self-sustaining. Between your food storage and your food production capabilities, you should be able to survive for a year or longer without needing to make a trip to the grocery store. Ideally, you want to be set up to be self-sufficient permanently. Because quite frankly, we do not know how long these food shortages will last.

Stay Calm

It is important that in a scenario of food shortages, you need to stay calm and take deep breaths. There is no need to get all worked up and lose your self control. You need to be in a state where you can make wise decisions because in this game of survival, bad decisions have the power to kill. Remember, survival is just as much psychological as it is physical. Have your mind in the right place and make sure that fear does not seep in.

Establish An Understanding of Your Current Supply And Situation

We will start by making an evaluation of your current supply of food and sustainable systems of providing food. From there we can create a program to follow for sustainment.

Stash On Hand
Make an assessment of what food supply that you currently have on hand. Ask yourself questions such as: How long will this stored food last me? When is the expiration date on my current food supply? Do we like the types of foods that we are storing?

Current Food Generation Abilities
Figure out what kind of foods can you grow well in your geographical location. These seeds will be essential to have on hand and having plenty of seeds of a plant that grows well and easily in your location is a wise decision. Do you currently have a green house or a garden or how about some fruit producing trees?

Current Equipment
Take inventory of what kind of food preparation equipment that you currently have on hand. Do you have any packaging equipment or how about buckets to hold your food long term? Do you have the proper supplies to manage a garden? Or how about a food dehydrator, bottling supplies or freeze drier for preserving the foods that you harvest from your garden or fruit trees?

Knowledge and Expertise
Your knowledge and expertise is going to be essential in a food shortage scenario. Do you know how to grow and manage your own garden? Or how about growing seedlings? Do you know how to properly preserve the harvest of your garden to make it last you through the whole year? Are you in a location where you can raise your own livestock to help aid in your food supply?

The good thing is that even if you don’t currently have this knowledge, there is a plethora of books and training that you can buy to help you learn these essential food survival skills. It would be wise to have these books on hand so that everything you need to know is readily available. Also, you may want to consider practicing these skills of preserving your own food as well as growing your own food. As the saying goes: practice makes perfect. You don’t want to be in a position where you are going down the river without a paddle.

Local Populace Reserves
Some locations have established community gardens. Is there a community garden near you? Also, you may want to find out who you can trade with in your neighborhood if needed to. For example, you may not be in a position to have your own livestock at your location but maybe one of your neighbors does. You could possibly trade some of your skills and goods to them for some of their goods that they were able to produce. Start practicing bartering now and establishing those relationships right now while things are somewhat still good.

Time To Make Arrangements

Ok now that we have gone over all of the essentials in getting yourself and your family ready for massive global food shortages, itś time to take action.

Start Working On Building Your Long Term Food Supply
To start with, you should have at a bare minimum, 90 days of food supply on hand right now. And ideally you want to have a year’s worth of food on hand year around. This is an absolute must and relatively easy to do.

Every time that you go to the store, start buying some extra food that you can store away. Whatever your budget can allow you. We are definitely running out of time, so you may need to buy more than normal right now. Canned foods are always a good one for starters. As well as pastas, rice and beans. They are pretty inexpensive and a really easy way to fill your stomach when there is nothing else. Pasta, rice and beans store well also with a longer shelf life. You can’t go wrong by having them in your pantry.

Supplement Your Food Storage With A Garden
Adding a garden to your plan for food storage will have a powerful effect on your movement towards total self sustainment and self reliability. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a garden to supplement your storage with. Not only having the garden but being able to preserve the foods that you harvest from your garden. This will do two things: first, it will eliminate waste and second, you will be able to stretch the longevity of your seasonal garden, with hopes of making it last the entire year.

You can extend the growing season by growing your vegetables in doors or by utilizing a greenhouse as well. Using these methods will relieve pressure from your stockpile and also help keep your food from prying eyes.

Fruit and Nut Trees For Easy Food
Not only will nut and fruit trees make for some easy food to collect in your yard, but they will also add some natural shade and beauty. Once you harvest your fruit, you can make jams and preserve them to last all year. Also, the nuts will be an excellent source of protein to help you sustain through the tough times.

Make Your Harvest Last All Year Through Preservation And Storage

Once you have had a successful harvest from your hardwork and perseverance in the garden, you will have to understand how to preserve your yield, otherwise most will go to waste and you will be left without food for the winter.

It is going to take some time to learn how to properly preserve and store your food. Some options available are: canning, bottling, freeze drying, fermenting and dehydrating. This is where the books you purchase on those topics will come in handy big time!

Ultimately, the ball is in your court whether or not you are prepared for an upcoming massive food shortage. Hopefully you can take these ideas and concepts to make a plan to help save your family from possible starvation in the future.

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