My Patiot Supply Emergency Food Review

Survival Of The Fittest

Are you a true survivalist? Do you enjoy camping, hiking or just being in the great outdoors? If you enjoy any kind of recreational event or just take everyday serious then you know that there is a list of items that you should always have on hand. Any day can become a day of survival which means if you are not prepared for the worst, then expect the worst. My Patriot Supply food storage has just what you need to add to your arsenal of supplies whether you are prepping for a natural disaster or plan to spend some time in the wild!

My Patriot Supply was created by people just like you. They have a passion for surviving and have worked hard to ensure that they can share their creations with the world. They focus on everything such as:

  • emergency survival food kits
  • water filtration
  • survival items
  • air purification

    If you are approved, there is even an amazing offer to buy now and pay later. This feature includes a $0 down payment, 0% APR, and My Patriot Supply usually approves up to 90% of their customers.

Emergency Survival Food Kits

There is a list of emergency food items to look into depending on your needs. Storage time is something to always consider when ordering your food packs. The products available for long term storage have a 25 year shelf life. Each emergency kit differs from one another. Some are calorie based and others go by the serving amount. The prices vary between each pack so you must think about what you need and when you plan to use them. The long term packs have a supply range of three months to one year and include:


  • 3 month emergency food supply - 2000 cal. per day
  • 6 month emergency food supply - 2000 cal. per day
  • 1 year emergency food supply - 2000 cal. per day
  • Franklin's Finest survival coffee - 720 servings per bucket
  • Ready Hour survival shot - 180 shots per bucket
  • Mega Protein kit w/real meat - 88 servings per bucket
  • fruit, veggie & snack mix - 116 servings
  • Ultimate Breakfast kit - 140 servings
  • beans & rice kit - 100 servings
  • Ultimate Preparedness kit

    Keep in mind that the long term kits can range in prices from under $100 all the way up to almost $1500.

    If you are searching for something that is a little more budget friendly, then you can consider the short term storage options which are dramatically lower in cost, ranging from under $10 to less than $200. They also have less supplies and the serving amounts range from three days to one month. The good news is these packs also have a storage life of up to 25 years and include:

  • 1 Week Food supply ammo can - 1500 cal. per day
  • 72 Hour Kit sample pack - 16 servings
  • 4 Week Emergency food supply - 2000 cal. per day (30 day supply)
  • 2 Week Emergency food supply - 1500 cal. per day
  • Datrex Emergency food bars - 2400 calorie per bar
  • Ready Hour survival shot - 180 shot
  • Franklin's Finest coffee - 60 serving sample pouch
  • Preparedness Crate for emergencies - 61 items

    Another great option to add to your survival food supply would be the #10 bulk can food items. You can fill your cabinets with the bad boys and if properly stored, they can last between 25-30 years. These are perfect to slowly collect over time if your on a tight budget. Single cans, which can feed up to 35 people, can range anywhere from $10 to about $40 depending on the type of food. Some of these food options include:

  • Soups
  • fruits
  • breakfast items
  • meal sides
  • energy drinks
  • sweeteners
  • vegetarian options
  • seasonings
  • condiments

Survival Items

Along with your collection of food packs should be an array of survival items that every person should have stocked. The number one item is a can opener of course. My patriot Supply offers everything a survivalist would need in their packs such as multi tools for eating, fire starters, and even hand cranked items (which are better than battery powered and sometimes solar powered items).

The next most important type of pack to have on you would be anything and everything you need to make sure you have consumable water. A human can only go about 3-4 days without drinking water so having a filter, water treatment, and a clean container on hand would be the perfect essentials.

Never forget about first aid either. Having the proper treatments for things such as snake bites, bug bites or stings, and even a knife slice would help save you from the inevitable. Also, think about what type of weather you can come across. These amazing survivalist have literally thought of everything and have a huge selection of items that can keep you safe from so many elements.

Pros and Cons

There are many companies that offer similar items that you will find when shopping with My Patriot Supply, but will you find the same quality? Will you find what you need in your budget? In most cases, you may find one or two things but when your shopping with a quality company like this one you will get more than just great items. You will receive the peace of mind that you have great food and products that truly last. Remember, you will also have the option to make payments on your orders and that may not be offered elsewhere. I do not think I have found another website yet that gives you that type of opportunity. I am not a prepper myself, but I do plan for disasters. After studying this website I could honestly say that what I saw was more than what I had seen through other companies. I also think the food looks amazing.

Unfortunately, these items sell fast, which can be the biggest con of them all. The most requested items may take a bit of time to return to stock as well, especially right now during this crazy time. That alone may make you want to go through another company but you may not receive the quality items that you expect.

All in all, you should take everyday seriously and prepare as if it could be your last. You never know what your time may bring and if you are always exploring the world, then you know to always be prepared for anything. I have seen many horrible incidents happen and most of these problems could have been completely avoided. When I lived in the Cleveland National Forest in California, I saw a rescue helicopter almost everyday. They were usually searching for missing hikers...some of which didn't prepare for their trip properly and either ended up in ICU or were found dead. Most causes of these tragedies where due to lack of hydration and first aid. SO, don't be these people...prepare!

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