The Lost Ways Review

The Lost Ways Review My oldest daughter is eight and her younger sister is seven. By no means do they lack in the academic area, and they are considered advanced by the criteria laid out by state-mandated tests. I’d consider them both very artistic and imaginative children. Coming from a proud father I’ve been told… Continue reading The Lost Ways Review

The Most Necessary Medical Equipment and First Aid for Preppers

First-aid equipment is one of the most overlooked survival gear out there. While they are not as interesting to talk about as firearms, bug out bags and survival knives, first- aid kits are likely going to be one of the most essential items in your survival gear. You will need to dedicate time in making… Continue reading The Most Necessary Medical Equipment and First Aid for Preppers

A Review of “The Lost Superfoods”

“The Lost Superfoods” Book Review As a key part of The Lost Ways book collection, The Lost Superfoods by Art Rude, Lex Rooker, Claude Davis and Fred Dwight offers an easy to navigate compilation of over 30 recipes of long lasting survival foods and stockpile recommendations. In this 270 page book you’ll discover a wide… Continue reading A Review of “The Lost Superfoods”

Bug Out Bag Food Ideas

Packing Food For Your Perfect Bug-Out Bag  Food storage is an essential part of the survival of civilization. Since eating is a crucial part of a healthy life, preservation is a great way to ensure a stable food supply in case of an emergency. Food preservation is a common custom that dates back to 12,000… Continue reading Bug Out Bag Food Ideas

Top 5 Emergency Survival Food Brands

Top 5 Food Brands For Emergency Survival and Preparedness  When you’re building an emergency supply stash, regular canned food isn’t going to cut it. You have no idea when disaster will strike, and what kind of disaster it might be. You need food that’s still going to be edible months or years from now, with… Continue reading Top 5 Emergency Survival Food Brands

Be Prepared Food Review

A Look Inside of Be Prepared Food  Outside of water and physical safety, perhaps nothing is as important as a stable food supply in a catastrophe. Whether you are planning for a weather event or something of a societal nature, making sure that you have food available will ease many of your immediate worries. Needless… Continue reading Be Prepared Food Review

ReadyWise Food Review

ReadyWise Emergency Dehydrated Foods ReadyWise produces emergency food kits for camping, road trips and backup supplies at home. They make long-lasting shelf-stable food that is affordable and tastes good, too! They use dehydrated and freeze-dried foods to preserve food shape, flavor and nutritional value. Each meal requires only one cup of water, so they are… Continue reading ReadyWise Food Review

Mother Earth Products Review

Mother Earth Products Food Review 2020 Mother Earth Products was created to help people focus more on a healthy diet and lifestyle by creating dehydrated and freeze dried foods. These products are perfect for many things such as businesses that are trying to change their food focuses, individuals that truly enjoy a healthy life style,… Continue reading Mother Earth Products Review