Berkey Water Filtration System Review And InsightsOne of the most essential items to have for survival is water, not just water but clean water. Enter the Big Berkey Water Filter. You could have all of the food in the world stored up but if you don't have clean water, you're not going to make it.Now we have mentioned the importance of storing water in previous articles but you need to

Around the world we are seeing drought and natural disasters that are reaping  Certhavoc on our world food supplies. Looking at everything that is going on, we need to make the proper assessments of the situation and prepare for our families accordingly to avoid the possible looming chaos and starvation. We begin to ask ourselves if we are liable to having massive food shortages. There are a myriad of problems causing


Emergency water storage containers should be the first elemental product for any responsible family to have on hand in case something goes wrong. People that live on property with wells probably know this from experience, when the power goes out and they don’t have any water.   But people that live in an environment that relies on municipal water should be prepared as well. If there is any long-term power outage,

The Signs of an Imminent Economic Collapse An economic collapse may be described as a blow to the economy of a nation, particularly during a crisis. Right now, we are definitely in the midst of a crisis that is having some devastating effects on our economy. Whether or not politicians and the media want to admit it or not. Depending on each situation, an economic collapse has the potential to

The Lost Ways Review My oldest daughter is eight and her younger sister is seven. By no means do they lack in the academic area, and they are considered advanced by the criteria laid out by state-mandated tests. I'd consider them both very artistic and imaginative children. Coming from a proud father I've been told by their teachers and daycare staff that they're very bright children. Several days ago as